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Thursday, July 9, 2009

An obrunyi's guide to eating, shopping and entertainment in Accra, Ghana

Are you looking for a guide or map to places to eat, shop, groceries, restaurants, and entertainment in Accra Ghana? You won't find many good resources elsewhere, but you've come to the right place! After living in Accra for three years, I've transferred my insider's knowledge of living as an expat or "obrunyi" in Accra into a google map, complete with my sometimes random side commentary. From the international grocery stores to the best hole in the wall eats, it's all waiting for you!

Food blogs are a dime a dozen nowadays. I try to make this blog distinct by focusing on food that is high quality while being healthy, with little forays to either side of the middle from time to time.

But another source of uniqueness is that I am unusually well informed on the topic of African food, and Ghanaian food in particular. This is because I've spent a cumulative total of 3 years living in Ghana. So from time to time I get folks coming through here because they are moving to Accra and looking for information on where to go and what to do.

In the West we've become accustomed (dare I say spoiled?) to information overload. if you want to find a cafe near you, you can hop on google and just search for it. Not so in Accra, at least not yet. The last time I was in Ghana the google maps for the capital city listed only the most major roads, essentially the equivalent of showing Chicago as a big blank yellow space circumscribed by highway I90-94 and Lakeshore Drive. And searching? Fahgettaboutit.

Google maps has significantly improved its knowledge of the road system in Accra, so I've decided to be a good international citizen and brain dump what I know of living and getting around in Accra.

View Accra, Ghana in a larger map


Rob Taylor said...

Don't forget Blue Gate in Osu and Asase Pa on Ring Road near Champs!

Mmmm... salad spaghetti...

Nina said...

Thanks. You are right about Google maps improving... it will be good to pass on your "map" to others

VBC said...

Interesting. But you know nothing in Ghana stays the same (or anywhere else for that matter). The Cinnamon buns place (the the buns are not quite as decadent) is Bakeshop Classics (they have a decent cheese cake and their chocolate cake get a B from me). Sunshine Salad now has 3 locations - they took over the Top In Town shop to the south of the Osu Food Court and that stays open until 8 or 9pm. Their Labone branch is no longer that 'new.'

The best chocolate cake is actually across the street from where we met, the Educational Advising Centres former building which is not a Barclays Bank centre right after the Ridge Roundabout. The restaurant (weekdays only for late breakfast and lunch until about 5pm) is called Slice of Heaven. Great Chocolate cake always but Brownies on order and vanilla sponge cakes. The right consistency of texture, chocolate and sweetness gives Efia (the proprietress) the honor of the best slice of chocolate cake in Ghana. Her other food is quite good standard Ghanaian flair but cooked with vegetarians and meat lovers both clearly in mind. The ribs rock! Not messy but well marinaded and can last over 5 hours in my car until I get home.

SM度チェッカー said...
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