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Monday, July 20, 2009

Five Guys Opens in Rogers Park

I've posted earlier about my dirty little love of Five Guys burgers? Well you can imagine how gleeful I was when I drove by the Loyola el stop and saw the familiar white and red checked decor with a big "coming soon" announcement. Five Guys opened in Rogers Park last Monday. I know this because I tried (unsuccessfully) beating down their doors on Sunday only to be turned away by the sad sign announcing the grand opening the following day.

I held myself off until Friday so I could introduce my mother, in town from Wisconsin, to the delicious goodness that is Five Guys. So on the fourth day of business we walked over around 1:30 for lunch...and found the place swamped.

Clearly the word was out to these Chicagoans that a Washington favorite was taking the city by storm (if you look in the far right corner of the picture you can see half of my baby's face even). So we stood in line, ordered up three burgers. Mine came customized with ketchup, mustard, grilled onions, grilled mushrooms, and pickles. The hubby opted for a "regular" burger with two patties and (gasp) mayo on it. We decided to share one of their small Cajun fries among the three of us. The cashier advised us that the small fry feeds "one or two" but having seen their portions, I knew better (see below).

Soon our table was filled with satisfied munching. My mom oohed and ahhed over the real potato taste of the fries. (Man, that sounds like cheesy advertising, but I swear that was her line).

Sad to be leaving Chicago just as a Five Guys moves four blocks from my house...but they just built on in Nashville too. So all is not lost.


Philip said...

Erin, You're moving to Nashville? Tennessee? What a great town. That was one of the places I was thinking about before moving to Bend, Oregon. BTW your Morrocan Veggie stew has been my summer mainstay (with countless variations of course. :)
Best Wishes with your move.

chou said...

Erin, good luck with the move. I hope a great job is involved! We were very happy to discover a 5 Guys in our Brooklyn neighborhood after having abandoned the Med on 57th, and although it doesn't have the same "Obama Eats Here" cachet, nor the great milkshakes, the burgers are fantastic.

Jescel said...

there is a newly opened branch next to me, but frankly, i haven't gone in. i thought that they just became famous because president obama likes them.

foodcreate said...

Slower Living Nashville Tennessee ! Great place to live!

Thank for the info Love Five Guys in Rogers Park ..

Have a great Day ~

Sweetie Pie said...

I live in the D.C. area and have a Five Guys a block from my apartment. Actually, Ray's Hellburger, the place where President Obama caused a stir, is only a few short blocks away (maybe a 10 minute walk) too. I might be living in hamburger heaven. :-)

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