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Saturday, June 20, 2009

Ravinia Picnic Tables on Sale

This is the time of year when most foodies start thinking about the picnic season. And if you are anything like me, eagerly anticipating picnic season looks like a combination of daydreaming about food and gear. Most Chicagoan picnic fanatics will make at least one pilgrimage to Ravinia park to listen to classical music from the Chicago Symphony Orchestra, or enjoy any of the touring musical acts they bring. Folks new to the picnic culture of Ravinia are typically amazed at the elaborate settings that many lay out, including an elegant traveling picnic table festooned with everything from candelabra to fresh flowers.

Many of us just refer to those amazing little tables as "ravinia tables" and every year I get a slew of people who contact me looking for them, or who find my site searching for Ravinia tables. In truth they are Crate and Barrel's "Table in a Bag." They roll up to the size of one of those collapsing chairs that everyone has now and are about as heavy. They are easy to transport and when they roll out and are secured the final product looks quite a bit classier than the standard traveling picnic gear.

Let me just state right off that I am not being paid a penny to point out this sale to you all. In fact, the fine folks at Ravinia and Crate & Barrel (the makers of this fabulous picnic table) probably do not know I exist. But even in the world of paid "advertorials" making readers skeptical, I still think that there are some products that I enjoy so thoroughly that it is a service to readers to pass on news of them.

Best of all C&B seems to have them on sale now. So if you are stocking up for your summer picnics, whether at Ravinia or just in the park, this is a great one to grab. Click on the photo above to be taken to the C&B site where you can shop for them.


chou said...

Erin, I remember my first visit to Grant Park to see the Grant Park Orchestra play, and feeling that same blush of amazement at the beautiful picnic spreads. Oh, to be home and visiting Ravinia . . .

Jenn@slim-shoppin said...

I haven't been to Ravinia this year, but I love the deal on the table!

Thanks for letting us know!

Chicago_blue said...

Does anyone know if the tables actually sold in the Ravinia shop are the same thing/same quality as the Crate & Barrel tables?


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