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Wednesday, January 2, 2008

The Skinny Gourmet 2008 In-Out List

It is that time of year. I have always been a sort of introspective person. Most birthdays I like to spend a little down time contemplating what the last year is like and what I want to work towards in the coming year. New Years always winds up being some sort of giant, often hectic, moment of introspection for us all. So this year I am turning my swami-like powers to the topic of food. I don't claim to be any great soothsayer, but In-Out lists are just intrinsically fun, so I'm putting out there my very own predictions for what is hot (and what is passe) for 2008.

Will the now-trendy pomegranate syrup continue its trendiness in the new year or will the Persimmon rule supreme? Will we see the continuation of bloggers cooking their way through famous tomes, from the Julie/Julia Project to the more recent French Laundry at Home? Only time will tell. But until then...

North-South Fusion East-West Fusion
Grapefruit or Lemon Orange
Unconventional Oils “Vegetable” Oil
Appellation Controlee Vinegars Red Wine Vinegar
Juice-Tea Hybrids Juice and Tea
Lettuce Wraps Tortilla Wraps
Boutique peppers Hot Sauces
Lavender Vanilla
Slowcooking Convenience Food
Lamb and Ostrich Beef
Pho Ramen
Rice Paper Wraps Wonton wrappers

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