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Thursday, January 3, 2008

Food for Thought: A Blog Event for Food Nostalgia

The roundup has been posted here.

Proust had his madeleines, but we all have something. Food is evocative. It has the power to transport us, to connect us to times and places past. It has the ability to recall to us lost loved ones.

I have never been more aware of this than when I am living far from home. In particular, celebrating this past holiday season with my husband in Accra, Ghana has really made me acutely aware of the importance of food in connecting to beloved memories and traditions. I am spending January doing a series on food nostalgia.

I invite you to join me. Blog about a dish that recreates a memory for you. Tell us about the food, the recipe, the process, and a little about why it is so memorable. Include a link back to the Skinny Gourmet. Post it on your blog before January 24th and send an email, by Jan 24 at the latest, to skinnygourmet(at)gmail(dot)com including:

Your Name
Your Blog’s Name and URL
The name of your dish and the post’s URL
Your hometown/region and country

I will post a roundup of all the submissions by the end of January.


Anonymous said...

hi Erin,
This seems to be a nice event...i will surely try to participate

Erin said...

Thanks! I am glad to hear you like the topic. I look forward to your entry.

NĂºria said...

Hola Erin!
Yes I would love to participate! It's a nice and fun event!!!
I will try to post this week. Thanks for inviting!

Erin said...

Glad to have you on board Nuria! I am looking forward to some of your fabulous Spanish cooking

PG said...

Hi! Found your event on the foodie forum. I just used chicken soup for a comfort food blog event...but it would also be great for nostalgia. I'll have to think of another nostalgic recipe.

Erin said...

Psychgrad As a Midwesterner, chicken soup is my ultimate idea of comfort food. My husband was feeling a little homesick here in Ghana so we recently made some ourselves. Glad to have you join the event

(by the way, are you a grad student. If so, hello from a soc grad!)

Chou said...

Erin, I hope you're enjoying Accra--we just had some friends finish a 2-yr stint there and they have amazingly funny stories to share. Like the time they took a car in to get the side mirror fixed and ended up with a cheap imitation of the one they started with . . . My favorite part are their food stories.

PG said...

Yup - I'm a psych grad student. In addition to my food blog, I have a personal blog about grad school, etc. that is private. If you're interested in visiting, drop me an e-mail at bloggingwagon(at)hotmail(dot)come and I'll add you to the reader list.

Deeba PAB said...

I hope the extension to the event isn't my fault...thankfully I've sent you my entry! Will check again to see the round-up...all the best! Ciao

Anonymous said...

A really cool Idea! I have just sent in an entry.
I had such a great time making a nostalgic dish!

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