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Monday, December 17, 2007

The Skinny Gourmet Gift List

Looking for Christmas gift ideas for your favorite "foodie?" As my very own advent calendar gift to you, I'm offering a countdown of wonderful gifts to give the person who loves their food and their health in equal measure.

When I close my eyes to my tropical surroundings here, I can almost picture the blustery holiday streets on Chicago's Michigan Avenue ("The Magnificent Mile") from memory. Salvation Army red kettles and tinkling silver bells. You have your trusty checklist of people to buy gifts for. Stores play instrumental versions of Christmas music wherever you go. Even restaurants put up a little holiday cheer, some lights maybe a wreath. The arrival of those mysterious guys who appear each year to set up rows of fresh-cut pines in formerly abandoned parking lots. And on every street corner you'll this.

Okay, so commercialism is a drag. In Ghana I am mercifully removed from it all. There is no crush to buy buy buy. But at the same time there is a sadness. My friends know me as someone who takes particular joy in finding just the right gift. Perhaps because of this, and my general love of the kitchen, I often get emails from people around the holidays asking for advice. So for my first Christmas season as a food blogger I am offering my gift advice to you all as well. What is the perfect gift for the skinny gourmet in your life?

As often as my poor west African internet connection will allow me, I'll try to post a few good gift ideas that help you make delicious, healthy, and/or gorgeous food. All of these are things I have in my own kitchen at home and use frequently. I'll aggreate the list here on this post, so check back!

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