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Monday, December 17, 2007

SG Santa Recommends: Pizza Stone

Homemade pizza is a tradition in our home, whether it is just my husband and I or a fun excuse to get togehter with friends. Making pizza at home also allows you to produce food that is both healthier and tastier than those you can purchase. Even if just for that reason, my first recommendation, for anyone who doesn't have one yet, is a Pizza Stone. But a pizza stone is about much more than pizza. Indeed, there is so much to recommend this little baking convenience that it is hard to imagine some still don't have them. Here's a list of reasons why a pizza stone is a great addition to any kitchen:

First, the natural porous material allows steam to escape during cooking, which makes for a crisper bottom, whether using it for pizza or cookies.

Second, the stone material is all natural. With all the recent research calling various products into question--aluminum, non-stick foremost suspects--it is nice to know you are using a safe and natural product that people have used for hundreds of years.

Third, baking stones are 'scraped' and rinsed to clean, but never washed with soap. My mother loves this feature because it makes it easy to clean up.

Fourth, as a deliberate benefit of the cleaning process, over time stones build up an all natural non-stick surface. This all-natural non-stick surface allows you to cut down on additional butter or oils while still getting a crisp crust. This feature is a skinny dream.

Use these stones to bake anything you could bake on a cookie sheet: pizza, cookies, rolls, crescents, breads. If you like a pizza stone you may, as we have in my house, find yourself drawn to other stone products. So far we have stoneware for bread baking, meat roasting, and muffin-making, just to name a few.

Click here to shop around for your very own Pizza Stone.


Anonymous said...

Oh, this is something I have wanted for a long time and every time I pass it up for something else! and there is just nothing that comes close to a homebakd pizza. Your pizza looks a photograph and a meal!

Erin said...

Thanks Ronnell! Your site is lovely by the way. The pizza is a date, herb and emmantal pizza that we made just before we left for Ghana.

No pizza stone here sadly. I think it is the kind of thing that once you have it wonder how you ever did without.

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