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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Chicago Food Blogs I Love

There is something great about regional food blogging communities. When I first started food blogging I was living in Chicago, and always envious of what seemed to be the very active food blogger communities in places like San Francisco. At the time it sometimes felt like I was one of the few food bloggers covering the large, diverse, and fantastic food scene that is Chicago.

Now that I'm in Nashville I no longer get to regularly partake in the amazing diversity of delicious Chicago spots, but you can still get your fill of the Chicago food scene from these fabulous food bloggers...

Chicago Blog Map

Gaper's Block

Chicago Bites

Chicago planet food tours

Chicago Gluttons

Eat Chicago

Everyday Cookin' (and now the proud owner of a cupcake spot in Chicago!)


Chicago Tribune: The Stew

Chicago Reader: Food Chain

Chicago Cooking Classes:

Now We're Cookin'

The Chopping Block


Tracey said...

Thanks for the listing. I've been trying to find food bloggers in Chicago!

Tricia said...

Thanks for this post! I am in search of active food/baking blogs around chicagoland.. :)

Here is my link:

Anonymous said...

This is great! We just moved back to Chicago and are looking to bring out blog into the world of Chicago food & design! I will definitely check out all of these!


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