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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Presto Pasta Nights #98 Roundup

First of all, I am quite sorry for deviating from the norm here. I know this is suposed to go out on Friday night so all of you looking for that perfect weekend dish can peruse, but hopefully you'll forgive me for being early because I have a good reason. I am pregnant and six weeks from my due date. When I signed up to host I naturally assumed the baby would come, you know, when he was due. But the baby has other plans, so here I sit in a hospital bed on bedrest awaiting labor. So forgive me for cutting this week a tad short and just posting what I already had prepared. Anyone who was unable to get into the roundup because of my truncated week can certainly submit to next week's host!

Just to give you fair warning: you should not, under any circumstances, peruse these mouthwatering photos and recipes while you are already hungry. Because I don't think my Apple warranty covers teeth marks on the screen. And besides, chewing your screen is just embarrassing. So do yourself a favor and get a snack before you sit down to the temptation that follows.

Navita Hakim (Hong Kong) blogs at Zaayeka, and this week contributes creole-baby-mac-salad-with-coriander vinaigrette. You are sure to love this unconventional combination of flavors that brings a kick to your pasta palate.
Jokergirl of Wererabbits brings us Eggplant feta rolls on pasta. I don't know if it is the inner kid in me or what, but I have a deep love of all things rolled or stuffed, and one look at the melty goodness of these eggplant rolls and I was sold.
If you are looking for something to rock your tastebuds, why not check out Meyer Lemon Pasta Salad with Asparagus, Almonds, and Goat Cheese brought to us by Sara of Cupcake Muffin. I love the combination of lemon and earthy asparagus, touched off by the sweet tang of goat cheese and the subtle texture of almonds.
Sailaja writes Sailusfood out of India, where she keeps not only a main food blog, but also a special section devoted to food that is kid pleasing. She recently made up a delicious Pasta in Arrabiata Sauce. A touch of peppery heat rounds out this classic tomato based sauce, sure to be a staple in any cook's repertoire.
Our next contributor is a Cambridge college student, Joanne, who blogs at Eats Well With Others. Her pasta creation of the week draws on her fully Italian background to give us Spaghetti with Creamy Tomato and Sausage Sauce, which sounds sure to please in just about every home.
Willa from Yumminess Ensues, is a first-time PPNer, who brings us smoked salmon with farfalle. When I first read smoked salmon, I assumed Willa bought it smoked, so I was delighted to read that this crafty chef had smoked the salmon at home with a stovetop smoker. Artichokes, mushrooms and bell peppers round out this hearty dish.
Pam from Sidewalk Shoes brings a little change of pace with a flavorful Coconut Almond Couscous from Cooking Light. Light, tasty, and easy to prepare? What's not to love.
Shannon from Try 2 Cook is another first time PPNer. She contributes an Orzo Salad with artichokes, tuna and goat cheese. Full of flavor and health, this dish seems perfect for either a lunch or dinner, and seems like it would transport well if you wanted to take it to a party.
Ruth, of Once Upon a Feast, and our PPN founder, serves up steamy Dessert Couscous with Rose Water & Pistachios. I have never had dessert couscous, but immediately found myself thinking, "if bread pudding can be dessert, and rice can be dessert, why oh why can't couscous?" And then I was really jealous that I couldn't try it for myself.
Suzanne, an old friend of mine, is just starting up her smoking hot food blog, Sex and the Souffle. She brings us Shrimp Pasta with Meyer Lemon, Dill, and Feta. Since those ingredients are pretty much four of my favorite things, I'm certain I'd love to have been a guest at Suzanne's table that night!
Elly of Elly Says Opa brings us Bolognese from Nigel Slater's The Kitchen Diaries, as part of her effort to cook her way through a recent Christmas present. This recipe has everything you'd want for a soul warming winter meal.
Kitchenetta of Got No Milk brings us another tempting couscous dish, Zucchini stuffed with chickpeas and Israeli couscous. I love the use of the larger Israeli couscous to stuff the nutritious zucchini "boats" with a filling packed with all sorts of flavor (and a little jalapeno kick!).
Christine of Kits Chow put together a delightful Seafood udon. If you are looking for a way to celebrate the year of the Ox with a quick to prepare one-pot meal, this is the recipe you've been looking for.
Marie of Starchy brings us Spaghetti with Greens, which is a darn tasty way to get all those healthy veg in.
Katie from Thyme for Cooking brings us Pasta with Turkey, Peas and Leeks.


Adrienne said...

Oh my goodness! I feel like you deserve extra credit for blogging from the hospital... best wishes to you and the expanding family!

Ruth Daniels said...

What a wonderful roundup...great entries delivered and now we're all waiting for your little bundle of joy!

Thanks for hosting Presto Pasta Nights. You're awesome!

sailaja said...

My, you sure are something. Take care and my best wishes. Thank you for hosting a great round up. :)

elly said...

Oh my goodness, I think it's ok to post a little early. :) What a trooper! Best wishes to you! Thanks for the great round-up!

Kalyn said...

Wow Erin, that is amazing news. Can't wait to hear more about the baby! And how amazing that you still managed to post this!

Argus Lou said...

Are you really skinny?! If yes, I'm so jealous. How do you manage it? Eating for two as a gourmet to boot.
Sigh. And look -- my laptop is short-circuiting as my pup and I drooled on it. But! We managed not to chew the screen, so yay.

Thanks for hosting a lovely array, by the way. :)

Joanne said...

This is an excellent round-up! Congratulations on your new arrival and good luck with everything.

katiez said...

Absolutely amazing! I can imagine you chewing on your screen - ice chips just wouldn't cut it....
Great pastas

Netts Nook said...

Everything looks great... You have a great sight keep up the great work.

Ivy said...

This is so sweet of you to post a roundup while in hospital waiting to go into labour. Hope that by the time you read this comment you will be holding your son in your arms. My best wishes. The roundup is delicious as always.

Sara said...

Congrats! I'm also impressed on your blogging-from-the-hospital dedication! Great roundup. :)

KC said...

Excellent roundup. Thanks for hosting PPN. This is awesome, blogging from the hospital!

Best regards to you and your little bundle of joy.

Kitchenetta said...

Wow, you are awesome! You have definitely found your inner blogger to post the PPN from your laptop while in labor! (insert a not worthy graemlin here!!!) Really great roundup too.

Congratulations on your beautiful little bundle of joy!

ttfn300 said...

ooh, great roundup, from the hospital no less!! hope things go well :):)

Marie said...

Wow, congratulations and thanks for being such a trooper with the roundup! Best wishes!!

The Duo Dishes said...

Fabulous roundup. The coconut couscous looks great!

Kitchen Vixen said...

Oh, congrats! Best wishes for you and your newly expanding family!

mikky said...

hope you and your baby are doing well... and you're really something to be able to post a great round-up while in labor...cheers to you!!! :)

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