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Monday, November 3, 2008

Election Night Party: Menus Built Around Battleground States

Sure, you could just order pizza for the American election night, but what fun would that be? Instead, check out my suggestions to assemble your own fun election night menu of foods based on traditional food from key battleground states. Because if you are an American, chances are you are thinking of attending or hosting an election night party. There is so much energy around this election that people who previously didn't even think about voting are not only voting this year, but volunteering for campaigns, or at least getting geared up to watch history roll our way as the election results come in.

So why not serve up some election night fun in style?

And it will give your guests something interesting to chat about. As an added bonus, if you click on any of the state titles below, it will link to interesting political analysis and facts about these key swing states.

"This is beginning to look like a five-state election. Those states are Virginia, Colorado, Pennsylvania, Ohio and Nevada. Essentially all relevant electoral scenarios involve some combination of these five states."


Anheuser-Busch beers (HQ in St Louis)
Ozark Pudding


Breaded pork tenderloins and fried biscuits with apple butter.
Anything corn. Try: Cornbread and creamed corn savory bread pudding


Cinncinati Chili
Bloody Mary’s: Tomato juice is the official state beverage of Ohio (no kidding), so some up with a twist!


Philly Cheese Dip with Pennsylvania Dutch Pretzels
Shoofly pie


Key Lime pie
Citrus (lemon, orange or grapefruit) Tart
Hanging Chad Potato Salad

North Carolina

Fried green tomato BLT finger sandwiches
Sweet corn succotash
North Carolina BBQ Pulled Pork Sandwiches
Scalloped sweet potatoes with cream, nutmeg and parmesan


Chayote Salad


Virginia Honey Ham Finger Sandwiches on mini biscuits
Peanut butter pie
Peanut butter cookies


Rocky Mountain Fudge
Mountains of Mashed Potatoes
Colorado-based micro-brew beers
Rocky Mountain rainbow trout

For more state-specific ideas, check out the informative


Kitchen Vixen said...

This is such an awesome idea! I won't be cooking on election night- my plans involve a bar in Andersonville and 12 flat screens of election coverage. This is a great, original idea though!

Adrienne said...

Wow, those all look so tasty. My election night event will have just one theme item: swing state punch. Grape juice, vodka, club soda. Get it? It's purple.... I crack myself up....

Margie said...

I just wish I knew whether I'm cooking in victory or defeat. Thanks for the suggestions!

Darius T. Williams said...

Interesting - I'd say this would make for a fantastic party idea!

Shouldve thought about this before hand - definitely a hit!


Anonymous said...

I know this post is old, but I'm disappointed you didn't include New Mexico. It was also a battleground state and has a unique cuisine all its own. Its also surprising because, reading through other entries, I would imagine you to be a huge fan of New Mexican food.
Sorry this is anonymous, I don't have an account.

Erin @ The Skinny Gourmet said...

Vixen: Hope you had a great time out in Andersonville. Its a fun neighborhood for going out, and being with other Chicagoans is pretty much all it will take to make election night great.

Adrienne: I dig the purple punch. I thought briefly about a menu planned around red, blue and purple, but couldn't come up with enough ideas.

Margie: Hope you were satisfied with your results (in the kitchen and the polls)

Darius: Hope you enjoyed yourself however you spent the election night.

Anonymous: You are completely right. I definitely should have included a New Mexico menu, and it would have had some truly impressive culinary items on its list. Not nearly so challenging as coming up with food for Indiana. But I pulled my swing state list directly from, which did not at the time have New Mexico listed. Sorry for the omission! Thanks for bringing it up.

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