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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

How Should I Celebrate My One-Year "Blog-aversary"?

I just realized (with a startle) that today is July first. Among other things (the summer is going by so fast, deadlines loom etc), this means that tomorrow is the one-year anniversary of my first ever blog post. This makes it my "blogaversary," which is a word I have only recently discovered.

This also makes me feel strangely a little old. I still think of myself as the new kid on the food blogging block, but lately I keep finding more and more blogs that are "younger" than mine.

So this has produced a quandary. I love actual birthdays, and often insist on stretching them out to a whole week or at least a solid weekend. My mom calls me early in the morning right around the time I was born, and reminds me how snowy it was the day I was born, and how she almost didn't get to the hospital in time because she was so afraid of puffing and wailing away in labor in front of others. My husband does nice sweet things for me, my favorite of which is hiding small presents around the house. I love the thrill of a good hunt.

But what oh what does one do for a blogaversary? Do I take my blog out to dinner? Do I give it a present? Bake it a cake?

Help! I have no idea how to celebrate the one year birthday of this blog, WHICH IS TOMORROW. Do you, my favorite online foodies, have any suggestions?


Anonymous said...

I say that you make yourself a sumptuous meal and take photos so all of us can see it. Just kidding. Treat yourself to something you've been wanting for a few months--just like a real birthday.

Anonymous said...

Happy Blogaversary! Hmmm, if it's really more of a 'versary' than a birthday, I think you should do something romantic. Light a candle and tell The Skinny Gourmet all the things you love about him/her/it. Then toast your blog with a fancy cocktail!

Anonymous said...

Hope you figured it out. It's a special time. :)

Hetal said...

Hey congrats on your blog anniversary,you have a wonderful blog.

Anonymous said...

isn't it amazing how quickly a year can go by? Next thing you know whatever it is that you end up doing on this 1st blogaversary will become a time honored tradition. Like cinnamon rolls for Christmas.

Best Wishes, and Happy Blogaversary.

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Erin said...

Pirouette, I waited and waited, hoping the blog would cook FOR ME for a change. no dice. stupid technology :)

Jessie, I did whisper some sweet nothings.

Hetal, thanks for the congrats. When I started I had the feel that it was something I was committed to, but nevertheless this one year really snuck up on me.

Phillip: good memory on the Cinnamon rolls!

Tagercito, thanks for the rec. always appreciated

Madeline said...

Happy Blogaversary! I too recently had my one year and to celebrate, I baked a batch of cupcakes. And then I ate most of them without an ounce of was after all, something to celebrate. Have fun!

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