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Monday, July 2, 2007

The Skinny Gourmet Philosophy

Too often dieters make a few key mistakes that lead to frustration, decreases in overall health, and eventually to yo-yo dieting. The “secrets” to successful dieting are things we all know if we would give ourselves a chance. Above all, get rid of the idea of dieting and all the mental baggage that comes with it. This is a lifestyle transition to a healthier happier you. You will eat foods you have never tried before: some will delight you. Others will be interesting but won’t make it into your recipe file. You are not depriving yourself from the choices you wish you could make: you are teaching yourself to love a whole new set of choices that will make for a healthier happier you in the long run.

1. Reach for high quality ingredients
2. Fresh is better than processed
3. When choosing higher calorie/fat items, include those ingredients that offer a huge taste. These ingredients can be the secret to transforming “diet” food into delicious enjoyable food. They often include groups of food that people are too quick to give up when they begin a diet
4. Try one new thing every week
5. Beautifully presented food tastes better and makes for a more satisfying eating experience. Presentation is not the secret purview of restaurant chefs.
6. If something new is very good for you, give it three chances to impress you. It is worth acquiring a taste for foods that nourish your body and bring new tastes to your palate.
7. If something is not good for you don’t bother acquiring a taste for it.
8. If after three tries you still don’t like something, move on.
9. You deserve to eat foods that delight you. Food should never be something you suffer through.
10. It is better to include wise indulgences than to cultivate sense of deprivation. Your will power can stave off deprivation for a while, but lets face it: no one wants to live the rest of their lives in a constant internal battle.

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jokergirl@wererabbits said...

Heya and thanks for hosting PPN! I love this philosophy - it's the one I've been living for quite a while now. I'll definitely be on the lookout for new recipes to try from your blog!


Anonymous said...

I absolutely love your approach to healthy eating! As someone who has lost weight, I know that it impossible to do without occasional indulgences. When I crave something like cheesecake or fries, I just make sure I get the best I can and am satisfied. One thing about eating healthy is that you sure appreciate the unhealthy indulgences more and have much more specific guidelines for what you want or not... it saves me a lot of money too!
Keep writing, it's really nice to find recipes that work so well with my lifestyle!

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