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Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Food Blogger Event: Spring Tea Party!

Gird your pinafores, artfully cuff your kimonos: you are cordially invited to a tea party.

Tea is a global industry with a thousand local faces. It is also a really tasty excuse to get together with some friends on a Saturday afternoon and have a good time. So I'm getting in the mood for warm saturday afternoons in the garden and smart picnics with an annual food blogger event: a spring tea party.

Eligible posts should fall into one of three categories:

1. Tell us about tea culture and traditions in your area. Give us an eyeful of a Japanese tea ceremony, share your grandma's recipe for Southern Sweet Tea, or make a Moroccan tea traditions come alive for us.

2. Blog about a food treat meant to be eaten with tea. This could be traditional English scones or cucumber sandwiches, but also includes more contemporary interpretations on these classics. Feel free to be as classic or imaginative as you like, but the final product should ideally conform to the "small bites" approach of most tea food.

3. Make a food that includes tea as a key ingredient. Earl Grey cupcakes? Green Tea bread pudding? Heck yes.

Email me at skinnygourmet[AT] gmail [DOT] com by May 25th. Be sure to put "Tea Party" in the Subject Line so I can be sure you don't wind up in the Spam folder.

Please include (in this order):
Your name
Your blog name
Your blog's address
The name of your dish/post
The permalink to your post

Remember to include a link in your post back to the Skinny Gourmet ( The roundup will be posted by May 31st.


Katerina said...

Great idea! I have been meaning to try and make some homemade Chai for awhile from a recipe I have, this might just be the excuse I need.

Mansi said...

I just sent you my entry Erin! look forward to the roundup:) I'm hosting a monthly mingle too this month, and would be great if you could participate!:)

Erin said...

Katerina: sounds awesome. I love chai, and always welcome the chance to learn more about it.

Mansi, thanks for the entry. I've never monthly mingled before, but I'm game to give it a try. Thanks for the invite!

Unknown said...

What a gr8 idea this is...nice.

Anonymous said...

I just posted my best tea time idea for another event ( Can I send this in for your event as well.

tigerfish said...

This sounds very interesting! I've just sent in my entry - sharing some insights of tea drinking in Taiwan. Hope you get my entry.

Anonymous said...

i did a tea-dish about a week ago! gonna enter that into this and place a link up on that entry. love tea :) thanks for hosting this.

Gourmet Food Suppliers said...

Great idea..very nice friend!

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